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GE's Inspection Technologies business is a leading developer of eddy current instruments, testing machines, and sensors for industrial applications requiring surface and sub-surface crack detection and metal sorting. GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies' non destructive eddy current testing equipment and solutions will meet the critical requirements of your unique application and deliver productivity, quality, and safety.



Portable Eddy Current Instruments




Digital multi-channel/multi-frequency eddy current system for oil & gas and power industries


Phasec 3 Series

Portable dual-frequency eddy current flaw detector for detection of surface and sub-surface defects.


Autosigma 3000

Electrical conductivity meter for checking non-ferrous metals for identity.

Reference Block Brochure

WeldScan Probe Brochure



Eddy Current Systems


WheelScan 5 Aircraft Wheel Inspection System

WheelScan 5

The WheelScan 5 is widely accepted throughout the world as a rapid and reliable means of maintaining the integrity of aircraft wheels. The WheelScan 5 is so simple to use, it won't tie operators down to lengthy inspections, leaving them free to get on with other work. Setup and operation is so easy that extensive training is not required and the operator doesn't need to be an eddy current expert. All you have to do is place the wheel, scan the correct barcode and start the test.



Eddy Current Probes



Tubing Inspection Probes

For inspection of non-ferrous and ferrous tubing in Balance-of-Plant applications in the Power Generation, Oil Gas and Air Conditioner industries.

Replaceable Head Id Brochure


Tubing Probes Brochure


Standard Probes

For surface, sub-surface, fastener holes, aircraft wheels and welds. We also offer conductivity probes for measuring non-ferrous materials, coils for bar, wire and wire inspection and probe starter kits.

Surface Inspection Shielded (Absolute) Probes


Surface Inspection Unshielded (Absolute) Probes


Sub-surface Inspection (Differential and Reflection) Probes


Fastener Hole Eddy Current Inspection Probes


Aircraft Wheel Inspection Probes


Scanning Probes


Weld Inspection Probes


Conductivity Probes


Bar, Wire and Wire Inspection Coils


Probe Starter Packages


Reference Blocks

We offer a wide range of conductivity and standard high frequency reference blocks to ensure accuracy during calibration and inspection.

Reference Block Brochure


Conductivity Reference Blocks Brochure



Eddy Current Accessories





rotating eddy current probe drive designed to make the inspection of fastener holes accurate and quick.


Shipping/Storage Case

Shipping/storage for eddy current instruments fitted with splash-proof case.

Part Number:39A043


Shipping/Storage Case

Shipping/storage for eddy current instruments fitted with splash-proof case.

Part Number:40A043


Soft Carrying Case

Soft carrying case for various eddy current instruments.

Part Number:4OA142



Eddy Current Systems Software


Eddy Current Software - Supervisor PC

Supervisor PC is a Windows®-based eddy current software that provides report generation and instrument data setup/traces for our full range of eddy current flaw detectors.


Supervisor PC can also be used to transfer stored instrument setups/traces to a PC via USB connection (Phasec 3 series). Stored data settings on the PC can then be uploaded back into the instrument if the instruments stored data were to be accidentally removed. The stored setups/traces can also be automatically transferred between similar eddy current instruments, saving time, as oppose to manually inputting data.


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