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GE's Inspection Technologies business offers a comprehensive selection of remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment ¨C from basic borescopes and fiberscope to measurement capable digital video borescopes, and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera systems and robotic crawler systems ¨C GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies has the right visual inspection equipment for your needs for any industry. Our systems are portable and ruggedly built, to survive the rigors of industrial environments.



Video Borescope

GE's Inspection Technologies business brings you an array of VideoProbe® systems, a comprehensive offering of technologically advanced video borescopes that are diverse enough to meet your application-specific needs. Plug them in, turn them on¡ªour video borescope systems are designed for ease of use while delivering video images of unsurpassed quality. Distinguished by an intuitive, patented joystick and one-handed operation, the VideoProbe systems feature an integrated LCD video display and a variety of imaging and measurement functions to meet your inspection needs. Engineered for durability and a vailable in many diameters and lengths, video borescopes can be used for a wide range of industry applications.


1.4 mm Working Tool Operating Manual


StereoProbe Calibration Operating Manual


VideoProbe Measurement Technology Brochure


Borescope Adapter Brochure


Borescope Adapter Operating Manual



XL Go VideoProbe

Redefining video borescope inspection. No cords, no boxes - just outstanding image quality in an incredibly rugged and portable package.


XL Go Video Probe 6.2 mm Diameter Brochure


XL Go Video Probe Data Sheet


XL Go VideoProbe Operating Manual


XLG3 VideoProbe

Today's most capable video borescope, the XLG3 features Quick Change probes that quickly reconfigure probe diameter and length.


XLG3 Video Probe Working Channel Brochure


XL Vu VideoProbe

Combines portability, durability and essential features coupled with the latest imaging technology.


XL Vu Video Probe Quickstart Guide "AC Version"


XL Vu Video Probe Quickstart Guide "DC Version"


LongSteer Video Probe

The world's only small diameter 4-way articulating video borecope in lengths up to 30.5 meters (100 feet).



Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

For remote viewing in large areas, GE's Inspection Technologies business offers a full range of rugged, industrial Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras. Each system features a color zoom camera module, high-intensity lighting, pan-and-tilt mechanism and industrial waterproof packaging for protection from extreme environments. Each ptz camera features unique options for specific industrial applications, so choose the model that is right for you.




Ca-Zoom PTZ 140

432X Zoom. Fits through 140 mm (5.5 in.) openings.


Ca-Zoom PTZ 100

40X Zoom. Fits through 100 mm (4.0 in.) openings.


Ca-Zoom PTZ 70

40X Zoom. Fits through 76 mm (3.0 in.) openings.

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Rigid Borescope

Detect subtle irregularities in castings, ensure the structural integrity of an aircraft engine or diagnose the cause of an automobile squeak or rattle¡ªnothing gets by the exceptional clarity and high precision optics of our rigid borescopes. Rigid borescopes are exceptionally durable with all-metal construction and a triple tube shaft design built to withstand the harsh environments of an industrial inspection. Our selection of industrial rigid borescopes includes Rotary Scan, Swing Prism, and Mini Rigid designs. To enhance the versatility and performance of our rigid borescopes, choose from a broad selection of accessories including eyepiece adapters, video borescope adapters, monitors, recording devices, light guides and light sources.


Extended Borescope Brochure




Mini Rigid

Patented rod-lens optical system delivers outstanding image clarity and brightness as well as exceptional bending tolerance.


Rotary Scan

Allow 360º cicumferential viewing without moving the body of the scope. Various models in a variety of directions-of-view and fields-of-view.


Swing Prism

Allow direction-of-view to be adjusted from 55º to 115º for panoramic viewing of an object which might require two or three conventional models to view.

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Flexible Fiberscopes

GE's Inspection Technologies business brings you high-resolution articulating fiberscopes featuring 7-micron diameter, densely-packed, imaging fibers to reveal more detail than any other scopes. Our line of flexible fiberscopes is available in various configurations for any application.




Articulating Fiberscopes

Robust, high-resolution articulating models with various directions-of-view, diameter ranging from 2.4mm to 13.6mm, and lengths up to 2.7m


Mini-Flex Fiberscopes

For extremely small access applications. Available in diameters as small as 0.5mm with dedicated forward or side directions-of-view.

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Robotics Crawlers

Valued throughout the world for their rugged versatility, Rovver® robotic crawlers include a distinctive modular design. The camera, control unit, cable reel and lighting are interchangeable on all three models, enabling a quick change from a 10 cm (4 in.) diameter to a 76 cm (30 in.) pipe in minutes with the same tool. Rovver robotic crawlers deliver full directional viewing in a horizontal pipeline with their pan-and-tilt or forward-only viewing color video cameras. Both cameras have remote adjustable focus, providing a clear view at all times.




Rovver 100

Inspect inside pipes with diameters ranging from 100mm (3.93 in.) to 300mm (12 in.)

Rovver 125

Inspect inside pipes with diameters ranging from 150 mm (6 in.) to 900 mm (36 in.)

Rovver 225

Inspect inside pipes with diameters ranging from 225 mm ( 9.0in) to 1500 mm (60 in.)

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Light Sources

GE's Inspection Technologies business offers a full range of Solarc®-powered metal-halide light sources that work in tandem with rigid borescopes and fiberscopes. Our 60-watt and 24-watt, metal-halide light sources incorporate patented, field-proven arc lamps. This sophisticated lamp technology delivers superior images by uniformly illuminating the entire viewing range with high quality, white light. GE Measurement & Control Solutions also offers conventional 300-watt xenon lamps and high intensity ultraviolet models.





High-intensity white illumination with convenient pass-through channel for video applications.



Palm-sized AC-operated 24W light source produces brilliant white hi-lux illumination with outstanding light transfer efficiency.



Delivers the versatility of UV and white light output in a single, compact and portable design.

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RVI Software

At GE's Inspection Technologies business, we provide the necessary software tools to make your remote visual inspection job easier and more productive.

Our software range includes Rhythm® Visual, a state-of-the-art image acquistion, review and data management solution, Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) for guided inspection and automatic report generation, and the IVIEW platform for image re-measurement and remote control.




Menu directed Inspection

Helps guide inspectors operating XLG3™ and XL Go™ VideoProbe® through inspection process and intelligently auto-generates a report.


iView Remote

Allows remote control of digital and mechanical features of the Ca-Zoom PTZ and VideoProbe systems, as well as video and snapshot capture to hard drive or removable media.

iVIEW PC RVI Software


Manage and measure images and videos, and create reports from data captured by GE's video borescopes and PTZ systems.

Rhythm Visual

Its advanced data sharing capabilities allow significant improvements in productivity and enable faster identification of quality problems, leading to reduced production defects or better in-service asset management.


RVI Accessories

GE's Inspection Technologies business offers a wide range of useful accessories that enhance the usefulness of our comprehensive line of Remote Visual Inspection equipment. Designed to handle a variety of applications, these accessories include companion systems, retrieval tools, high-resolution video monitors and more.


PowerBar ™ Battery






Video Peripherals

Supplement your video inspection with monitors, recording devices and other aids.


¨¹ Monitors and Other Displays

Industrial grade and standard monitors and LCD displays and head-mounted display unit for remote visual inspection.


¨¹  Recording Options

Various recorders, camcorders and digital cameras for remote visual inspection documentation.


¨¹ Video Accessories

Accessories ranging from various tapes, video cables, batteries, title maker, chargers and microphones.


¨¹ Cases

Cases for video peripheral shipping/stroge and other remote visual inspection components.


Electronic Turning Tool

Improves the efficiency of engine borescope inspections by automating the process of engine rotation.


Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

Supplement your PTZ camera products with a wide range of accessories designed to handle a variety of applications and to optimize your inspection results.


¨¹ Camera Heads & Accessories

Camera head options, laser measurement accessory, replacement camera modules, lamps and miscellaneous spare parts


¨¹  Extension Poles & Tripods

Wide range of interconnecting, telescoping or fixed extension poles and tripods.


¨¹  Camera Control Unit & Hand-held Controller

Camera Control Unit (CCU) and video pendant accessories including GV-D1000 custom cable, hand-held controller cable and others


¨¹  Cases

Shipping and storage for Ca-Zoom® PTZ systems and other components.



¨¹ Cable & Reels

Camera cables and cable reels for Ca-Zoom PTZ systems


XLG3 VideoProbe

Supplement your XLG3 VideoProbe products with a wide range of accessories designed to handle a variety of applications and to optimize your inspection results.


¨¹  Interchangeable Probes

Quickly reconfigures probe diameter and length. Available in 3.9, 5.0, 6.1, and 8.4 mm diameter in lengths of 2, 3, 4.5, 6, 8, and 9.6 m.


¨¹  Base Unit

Includes DVD drive, internal storage memory, thumb drive, keyboard, LCD monitor and remote control.


¨¹  Cases

Replacement cases for XLG3 VideoProbe system.


¨¹  Handset

Includes magic arm, hand set holder and sun visor.



¨¹  Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous accessories for the XLG3 VideoProbe inspection system, including borescope adapter, air filter, and many others.


¨¹  Portable Power Options

Portable DC power options for the XLG3 VideoProbe system when AC power is not convenient or available.


¨¹  Software

Powerful PC software tools for re-measuring, report generation, and measurement.


¨¹  Measurement Options

Shadow and stereo measurement upgrade software and other measurement related accessories.



¨¹  Cables

Ethernet cables and ethernet cable adapters.


¨¹  Replacement Lamp

High intensity discharge replacement lamps for the XLG3 VideoProbe system.


¨¹  Guide Tubes

Protect the VideoProbe® insertion tube or navigation into hard-to-reach inspection areas.


¨¹  Centering Devices

Used to center the XLG3 VideoProbe insertion tube in the inspection area.



¨¹  Retrieval Tools

Complete line of tools to retrieve foreign object debris (FOD) or perform specialized inspection techniques.


On-Site Remote Inspection Service




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