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GE's Inspection Technologies business is the world¨s leading developer of ultrasonic testing equipment, testing machines, transducers, and software for industrial applications requiring internal defect detection and sizing. GE's nondestructive ultrasonic testing solutions will meet the critical requirements of your unique application and deliver productivity, quality, and safety.

  Portable Flaw Detector  


Weld Testing System

USM Vision
Portable ultrasonic new pipe welding inspection system designed to replace X-ray

USM Vision MicroPage

Phasor Series

Digital flaw detectors combining conventional portable flaw detection with phased array imaging.


Phasor CV


Phasor CV/DM


Phasor PDI Kit Brochure


Phasor XS Data Sheet


Lightest and most portable ultrasonic flaw detector.


Universal flaw detector with bright color display and protected according to IP 66.



USM 32X Series

Easy to use compact digital flaw detector.


USN 58 Series

Offer users a choice of a transreflective ^color ̄ LCD for optimum viewing in direct sunlight or a hi-brite EL display for optimum cold climate and indoor use.

USN 60

Combines the powerful advantages of digital signal processing with detailed dynamic echo information.


Hand-held flaw-detector for testing spotwelds in situ on the production line.



USLT Series

Ultrasonic dialog instrument contained in a PC for spot weld testing.


USLT 2000B


Spot Welding Application Software


Effective Hardening Depth (EHT) Software Brochure


Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Software Brochure


Resonance Thickness Measurement (RTM) Software Brochure



Thickness Gauge

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges are designed to improve safety and ensure reliability of material subject to corrosion or erosion.
Corrosion gauges with their dual-element transducers are the primary inspection tool used to measure the remaining walls of components such as pipelines, pressure vessels, storage tanks, and numerous other applications.

Precision gauges use single-element transducers to provide the thinnest range and highest degree of accuracy possible. Common applications include metals and a variety of non-metals (i.e. glass, ceramic, plastic, etc.).

We offer a wide variety of instruments and probes to offer the best solution for your specific application.


Thickness Gage Overview Brochure



DM5E Series

Measures remaining wall thickness on components subjected to corrosion and erosion.


A-Scan thickness gage/data recorder incorporating patented TopCOAT Technology and Auto-V (Auto Velocity) measurement modes.


Oxide Scale Measurement Application Bulletin


Precision thickness gage with full range of functionality in an easy-to-use, compact and rugged package.


Locks quickly onto the reading, displaying a rock-solid value that provides an accurate measurement while minimizing test time.




Quick and easy-to-use Go / No Go composite tester developed for the Boeing 787.


Integrates instrument and transducer into a single package.

DA Series Probes



DMS Go Thickness Gage


A-Scan thickness gage/data recorder incorporating patented Top COAT Technology and Auto-V (Auto Velocity) measurement modes.



Corrosion Monitoring Installed Sensors

Traditional corrosion monitoring options requiring thickness or automated ultrasonic measurements are expensive due to the cost of gaining access to the pipe for measurement, often requiring digging up the pipe, coating removal, sensor placement, etc. The Rightrax solution provides the ability to continuously monitor corrosion at a fraction of the cost while providing frequent and reliable information that significantly improves decision making.


Rightrax Corrosion Monitaring System Overview



Rightrax LT

Automated erosion/corrosion monitoring system for pipes and vessels operating at temperatures up to 120<C (248<F).

Rightrax HT

Automated erosion/corrosion monitoring system for pipes and vessels operating at temperatures up to 350<C (662<F).

Rightrax DL2

More than just a data logger for wall thickness measurements!it¨s a flaw detector too!




Ultrasonic Transducers (Probes)

We offer a complete line of standard ultrasonic transducers and accessories for virtually all industry segments and applications. Our full range of contact, angle beam, immersion, and TR (dual) transducers are manufactured and tested according to both North American and European standards. When a unique solution is required, custom-designed transducers will be quoted on request.


Transducer Catalogue



trueDGS® Transducers Angle Beam

New, patent-pending trueDGS technology from the GE's Inspection Technologies

Phased Array 


A wide variety of phased array transducers for use with Phasor XS and other instruments

Angle Beam

Used to introduce a refracted shear wave into the test material.

Immersion Transducers

Designed to operate in a liquid environment and all connections are watertight.



Special Application Transducers

New materials, manufacturing processes and joining technologies require ultrasonic special probes.

Normal beam

General purpose transducers with simple geometry.

Cables & Adaptors

Wide variety of transducer connection cables and adaptors.


Wide variety of couplantsfor contact testing applications.



Calibration Blocks

Provides known targets that are used for instrument setup, transducer evaluation and reference for evaluating flaw size.

Probes for Daily Applications

Ultrasonic Probe

Probes Sets

Coarse Grain Probes

Immersion Probes

Waterflow Probes

High Temperature Probes

Special Probes

EN 12668-2 Certified Probes

Phased Array Probes

2D Dual Phased Array Probes for Angle Beam Inspection



Linear Phased Array Probes for Angle Beam Inspection


Annular Phased Array Probes for Multi-zone Immersion Inspection



System Instrumentations

From single channel instruments for precision immersion tank applications to multi-channel and Phased Array instruments for demanding high production environments, we offer a wide range of systems level ultrasonic instrumentation for virtually every industrial application, including precision inspection of critical aircraft engine parts, ensuring the safety of automotive components, or high-speed inline pipe weld inspection.

All systems instruments provide a variety of I/O including, TTL and analog outputs, and test data release functions to interface with existing customer equipment. Software development kits are also available to allow you to structure custom interfaces from the instrument and your application software.




A precision, multi-channel ultrasonic testing instrument designed to deliver the utmost in inspection confidence.

USPC 2100

Systems level computer based ultrasonic instrument. A single PCI card contains all ultrasonic electronics required for a single measurement channel.

USD 30

Single channel systems level ultrasonic instrument designed for use on immersion testing tanks.

USD 15

The USD 15 is a single channel systems level ultrasonic instrument available in several configurations to meet specific testing needs.



MS-8 Multiplexer

Provides economical multi-channel ultrasonic inspection capability when combined with a standalone flaw detector.


UTxx is a versatile ultrasound electronic platform for industrial applications.

PA-4 Data Sheet


V72 Data Sheet


Gives unsurpassed ultrasonic inspection capabilities, specifically to solve aerospace inspections.




Automated Ultrasonic Testing Machines

GE's Inspection Technologies business, manufactures and supports stationary testing machines based on ultrasonic and X-ray technology for online and offline applications in the manufacturing processes as well as mobile systems for field applications. In addition, we offer systems based on eddy current technology and special systems in the field of metrology.

Our ultrasonic and X-ray testing machines and systems are designed to perform individual manufacturing tests and / or to fulfill international Nondestructive Testing (NDT) standards for final acceptance test.

We offer a wide range of standard systems for numerous applications


Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) Pipe Technology Brochure


Flash Trimming Monitoring on ERW Pipe Brochure


Phased Array Technology Brochure


Principle of Ultrasonic Testing of Seamless Tubes


Seamless Tube Technology Brochure



ROTA Series

Rotary test systems for high-precision testing of pipes and heat-exchanger tubes.


Compact ultrasonic testing machine of bars or tubes.


ROWA 40 / 60PAT


ROWA 90 / 120 / 160


Advanced automated ultrasonic girth weld inspection system for oil & gas pipelines.

Immersion Tanks

High-precision and rugged construction consisting of welded tubular frames and tanks made of stainless steel.



Velocity - Nodularity Tester

Provides high-speed ultrasonic velocity testing for verifying the percentage of nodularity in ductile automotive safety parts.

Plate Tester

On-line or off-line heavy plate testing system


RWP is an ultrasonic Phased Array testing system used to inspect wheel set axle for (transversal-oriented) cracks in the maintenance shop.

Railroad Wheel Inspection System

Cost effective ultrasonic solution for the inspection of new and re-profiled rail wheels.



Squirter / Immersion Tank System

Flexible and adaptable systems for inspection of diverse range of aerospace components, material compounds and geometries.


Strip tester for coil material inspection before or after forming of Spiral Submerged Arc Welded or Electrical Resistance Welded pipes.


Full-body testing system of seamless and Electrical Resistance Welded (ERW) tube ends with stationary probes.


For inspection of weld seam and Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) with stationary or moving probes for ERW pipes before or after hydrostatic test.



Scarf - ERW 100

Complete ultrasonic flaw detection systems for the in process inspection of welded steel tubes.


For weld seam and Heat Affected Zone inspection of Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welded pipes before and/or after hydrostatic test and/or expansion.


For weld seam and Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) inspection with stationary or moving probes for Spiral Submerged Arc Welded (SAW) pipes before and after hydrostatic test.


Full body seamless and Electrical Resistance Welded (ERW) tubes with stationary probes system or portal solutions with moving probes.






High-speed full body tester of seamless and Electrical Resistance Welded (ERW) tubes with rotating probes.


Easy-to-use specialized software package for ultrasonic testing inspection.


Patented imaging software that can provide A-, B-, C-scan and views of inspected components to display flaws.


Modular PC-based test electronics and software package.


Testing Machines-UNI-VIS



Scarf Visualization

Monitors the outside diameter (OD) and inside diameter (ID) trim conditions manufacturing of Electrical Resistance Welded tubes.




Ultrasonic Testing Software

GE's Inspection Technologies business provides the necessary software tools to make your ultrasonic testing job easier. We offer several ultrasonic software solutions for flaw detection and thickness measurements.





Windows™-based ultrasonic flaw detection analysis software designed to simplify the transfer, storage and printing of data and reports.



Spot weld testing application software for use with the USLT 2000 Series for the evaluation and storage of inspection results from tested spot welds.


UltraLOG 3

UDB Manager

UltraLOG add-on allows creation of multi-level, extensive inspection plans and distribution to one or more inspection locations.



Development system software allows easy programming of individual applications for the USLT 2000 Series using Windows.





Software for transfer, storage, analysis, and documentation of thickness data.



Software that links the results of the various test stations to the central database system.





UltraWELD/ Laserweld

Module FFT (USLT-Software)


Module EHT (USLT-Software)


Module RTM (USLT-Software)




BoltMike III


The StressTel BoltMike III ultrasonically measures tension and clamp load of threaded fasteners. A large, bright, easy-to-read display; rapid calibration and setup; and automatic temperature compensation ensure fast, repeatable and accurate fastener tension measurements in many diverse applications.


Basics of Ultrasonic Bolt Inspection


Bolt Mike III Theory


BoltMike III Injection Molding


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